The group collaborative efforts for the Technology Unit Essay show some promise. Some group efforts do demonstrate a serious discussion of technology in our lives for well or ill. Unfortunately the serious involvement was not there for some groups and their efforts clearly show their lack of consideration.

The question the essays were required to answer was the unit question:

Is technology out of control and about to rule us?

The groups had several questions to discuss as a foundation effort to deal with this question. The group discussion was to approach, after having read the five books, the following questions:
What technological things have become necessity
Before they were invented how miserable were humans?
Why do we need technological inventions?
How do they make us better humans? Or worst humans?
What technologies could we live well without?
If we didn’t have them, how good would life be?
In what ways has technology taken human initiative from us?
Should we have fought to keep that initiative?
Why do older people fear new technology? Should they?
Why do the young embrace technology so easily? Should they?
Is the “new” always better than the old?
Is it possible to rid ourselves of technological innovations?
Should we?
If technology does not spontaneously create itself, who does create it? And why do they do so?
Who gets the most advantage from technological advances?

Some groups merely listed the group's responses; others tried to weave the discussion into a flowing essay.

Select below the student efforts to see how our seniors realize the advantages and disadvantages of technology. Note also these are just as they were submitted as a final draft with the exception of the uniform formating which I provided.

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