Period 2 Essays


Is Technology out of control and about to rule us??


Our group believes that technology is advancing perfectly and that we are in control of it and will always be in control of it. ItÕs not like we live in a Science Fiction Movie where a human creates a robot that wants to kill everyone on the planet. Humans havenÕt created anything even close to a self thinking machine and we donÕt think there ever will be.

The greatest advancements in modern day technology are our ipods and cell phones, which is no where close to self thinking robots or inter-galatic star ships. A lot of people believe that technology is advancing too quickly, but if you really look at it, it really hasnÕt advanced that much. Look at computers they havenÕt changed much in the last 15 years. For instance they still go on the internet, you can still type out essays, and you can even still play video games on them. Now, cell phones are a big advancement itÕs basically a wireless phone, which has been out since the 80Õs, that sometimes can do everything a computer can do. Ipods are not that much of advancement because itÕs only a smaller version of what our computer can do. Computers, like ipods, can play thousands of songs and videos itÕs just that an ipod is more mobile.

Things like ipods and cell phones have become a must needed item. ItÕs really hard to walk down the street and not see someone listening to music from their ipod, or even seeing someone talking on their cell phone. Everyone these days are trying to get the next best thing or at least the most popular thing. If we see any kind of new technology that we believe is cool we feel we have to have it.

Over the years it is easy to see how much technology has advanced and the young and the old people have always felt differently about this. Old people believe that we should slow down on creating any new technology. Some old people fear how much technology is advancing mostly because they fear that one day it might control us, but younger people (mostly teenagers) embrace it. Younger people have always loved new things, and thatÕs why we feel technology is advancing perfectly. We younger people have always had more fun and use of the new technology, and older people have hardly any use for it at all. ThatÕs probably why they donÕt like new technology so much because they donÕt know how to use it.

Technology will always be advancing because as humans we will always want the next best thing. Maybe one day weÕll have those self thinking robots and inter-galatic star ships, but for now we need to stop and enjoy the things we have. Like cell phones, ipods, and computers, things that people a hundred years ago never would have thought we would have today. Even we donÕt know what kind of things we will have in a hundred years from now.




We all think that technology is taking over.  Technology was not necessary in the old days. Back then people didnÕt need cell phones, IPods, MP3 players, PS2Õs, dishwashers, dryers, televisions, washing machines and massage chairs.

The technological things that have necessities are cars, computers and cell phones. The life we would have without technology is probably a life full of hard work and doing things our selfÕs. Instead of using computers people used books, paper and pencils and pens. Different technology is necessary sometimes, but not all the time. For example we need or computers to write our papers or our reports. And if you make a mistake you donÕt end up having to start all over and waste paper, but you can fix your mistake before you make it permanent. Unlike if you were to use a typewriter if you were to make a mistake you would have to start all over, because there will be no way for you to correct it. Before technology was invented we were not miserable at all we were actually content with the way we had loved our lives

Some people are hesitant to embrace new technology, because they are afraid of change. Some people believe that the old is as good as the new and there is going to be something newer or better thatÕs going to come out. Most technology isnÕt needed but makes our lives more convenient. We could walk from our house to a certain destination or location such as stores, post offices, school and the library, but cars make it more convenient for us to travel short or long distances. Another example is we donÕt need computers to hold on to out information or important documents for us. But computers make it easier or more convenient to store or find information. Than if we were to have every thing on paper and filed in filing cabinets. If a computer were to get or catch a virus, then that virus would end up destroying all of our files. This makes paper in filing cabinets much safer and documents in a computers hard drive both have advantages and disadvantages.

Technology can help us but also make us lazy. Because we use technology for or as entertainment. We can do the exact same thing that technology does, but at a much slower pace or rate. And technology can accomplish a task in a matter of minutes. This gives us more than enough time to do anything or something close to nothing but sit there. For example we could go to the library and look through ten books to look for the specific information that we need, but if we were to use a computer it would probably only take one website and a few minutes. Technology can help us, because we can gain knowledge from technology. Technology actually gives us more time to do other things. Instead if writing our paper or report with books, pen and paper you could use the computer, because it would be finished or accomplished faster.

The conclusion that we had come to is that technology is taking over, but hasnÕt taken over completely yet. The less we use technology the longer it would take to control our lives.



Is technology out of control and about to rule us?


Technology is the branch of knowledge that deals with creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science. With technology our world is able to grow and extent our learning process. From a simple pencil to a complicated computer technology has advanced throughout the years. 

Cellular devices, televisions, computers, I-pods, and many others are made necessities to this generation.  Many people "can not live without" them or so they say. Before various devices were even invented society was doing fine without it. Things might have been more difficult or slower to complete, but was still completed. Now that we have all this modern day technology lots of our day to day tasks are completed way faster and better. For instance on can spend several hours typing on a type writer that will have to start over if made an mistake, when another can get the same paper done in less time with many tools to help with the process. So over all technology has been a big help to many people, all though people say it's just making society lazier than they already are.

Technology will soon be taking over if it keeps in the direction its going in. The down side of technology is that it robs a lot of people for their jobs. Many jobs are replacing workers with machines to get the job done better and twice as fast. Everywhere you go technology is there, your home, work, church any place you can think of. We hardly even need to move out of our seats, the remote is by our side, or lap top to send e-mails, or the telephone, and even in our cars we donÕt need maps any longer because of navigation systems. So it can be harmful to us by making us lazy, and having everything at our fingertips. Overall we believe it has made our country one of the more advanced in the world. So in a way it is a positive for our country.

It seems that the elderly and modern day technology donÕt get along. As if the elderly have separated themselves from newer technology because they are accustom to their ways from their generation. Versus the young in today's society, they are used to it and are accustom to it. Many believe they can not live without cell phones, computers, I-podsÉetc. Sooner or later technology is going to spread and be used for everything in life. We would not have to even think for ourselvesÉ. Is that what we want? If technology got that out of hand society will like zombies and be so lazy. People won't even have to leave their homes.

So in conclusion yes we agree and believe that technology will soon get out of control and rule us, but we do not know if it's for the good or bad. We'll have to just wait and see what the future may bring. It will be advancing; it's just up to you to embrace it, unless government takes over tooÉWhat then?



Is Technology Out of Control and About to Rule Us?


Technology does rule us for the most part, but it is not out of control yet, though it very well could be in the near future. Most people in this day and age cannot fathom living in a world without the technology that we have now. We live in a very lazy generation, and weÕve grown so accustomed to having machines do all of our work for us, to the point where some people might not even be able to survive if all of it was taken away. Some might think that life is not worth living under such circumstances, since weÕve never had to do without before. We would not know what to do with ourselves.

Technically speaking, we could survive without most of the modern technology we have these days. It would be extremely difficult and require a great deal of getting used to, but if people could do it a thousand years ago, then we can do it in our own time period. It would make most humans miserable though, and one would not want to see what happens to people if their machines are taken from them. Because of this, it is unlikely that our technology would ever be disposed of, though it could be taken against our will by a natural disaster if it was big enough. Any way you look at it, technology is here to stay.

Technology is something that mostly the younger generation favors, since we are the ones that have grown up around it. We feel comfortable around newer things, and none of it feels strange to us. Older people, however, seem to feel awkward and confused when they are met with new ideas. The technology that they grew up with in their time was much less complicated and it was much easier for them to adjust. That would explain why the majority of older people prefer clinging to the simpler things. It would be extremely peculiar to be walking down the street one day and seeing an eighty year old woman bopping along to the latest rap song with a stereo on her shoulders.

Some of the more recent technology has just helped out in making us dependent on machines, but some actually helps us in a positive way. Things like mp3 players, stereos, video games and the like, are things we could do without if needed. They really have no purpose other than to make our lives more entertaining. Some inventions, on the other hand, help us in discovering medicines and vaccines. WeÕve come a long way in terms of medicine and health, and it wouldnÕt have been possible if we didnÕt have the technology that we do now.

Technology has itÕs ups and downs, but the overall benefit is greater than the negative, and will remain that way so long as people donÕt abuse it - which is unlikely. At this moment in time, technology is not out of control, but if people keep taking advantage of it like they are doing now, it could be dangerous in the years ahead of us.



Is Technology out of control and about to rule us?


Almost everybody now-a-days has at least one electronic device whether it is a personal device or a household device. Does that mean that technology is out of control? And is it about to rule us? When our group got together to discuss this here are some of the thoughts and ideas we came up with.

First of all we tried to think of some technological advancements that have made our lives better. Some things that came up were electricity, the telephone, medical equipment, and computers, to name a few. Then we looked further and tried to pick out the reasons whyÉ Without electricity we wouldnÕt have most of the technology we have today. Telephones help us to communicate faster and across farther distances. The medical equipment helps save lives and helps us live longer. When we really thought about it though we donÕt HAVE to have any of these things, they just make our lives a lot easier and better.

Those were also the reasons that we think that older people fear new technology, they lived without it fine, so why canÕt we? We could see why they would think that, but we do not think that they should fear it. It also benefits them. When they get really sick it is usually some new technical invention that can save their life.

The second thing we talked about was if technology can spontaneously create itself, and if not then whom creates it? We all agreed that there is not one way, that we could think of, that technology can create itself. Which leads us to whom then makes it? We came up with anybody can. If you think about it most of the people who invent these things are just ordinary people with a great idea.

The people who most benefit from these advances are, anybody that uses it. An example of this is when the telephone came out, the people who had a telephone were the only one who could benefit from it. You canÕt benefit from something if you donÕt use it!

After talking about all of these things we tried to come up with an answer to ÒIs technology out of control and about to rule us?Ó The truth is, we couldnÕt say. When we really thought about it we said that we didnÕt think that it was out of control, it just seems to be advancing at a faster rate then ever before. We have new and improved cell phones and computers that seem to come out every month, but we did not see that as out of control. Who is to say it will not get out of control though? Sometimes it seems like it could, like when they talk about cloning humans and things like that. As for if it will rule us, we also said no, but it plays a huge role in our everyday lives.