Technology does take away human initiative in many ways. One way that technology has taken away from human initiative is that it takes away from humans doing physical things, for example many kids these days donÕt want to go outside and play , and maybe use some of there imagination. Instead kids want to stay indoors and play video games, get on their computer, or watch television. Technology has indeed made all of our lives less of a hassle, and less tedious in many ways, but in retrospect it has made a decline in human initiative. One great example of something that has changed all human life and has taken away a good amount of initiative is the computer. The computer allows u to do just about anything while never having to even step a foot outside to get results. The computer allows us to talk to our friends and families via instant messaging. Computers are also great search engines and they are great at allowing us to look and shop for just about anything. Technology does tend to take our human initiative away more and more as technology advances and we advance. As we and technology advance human initiative tends to decrease in many ways, but making our lives just that much easier.

Is Technology out of control and about to rule us..?

Electricity is one of these most important inventions to this day. Without electricity life we donÕt think would have been as difficult as you would think. Technology was invented not to make people lazy but mostly to make life a little easier. Also to make it possible to be able to multi task and accomplish multiple things throughout a normal workday. In some ways it is felt that these advances have made this generation of human beings the laziest we have ever been.

In some ways technology has helped such as the advances in medicine, being able to leave this planet and even the possibility of discovering other types of life forms. In some ways these things make us better. Such as the invention of electricity its purpose was to make it so people could work longer hours and still be able to accomplish more when they return home after a long work day.

The Internet is used to acquire information and research things. So this way people save time and energy to do other things. Such as get in touch with others. These inventions werenÕt meant to make us lazy only to cut time and make us capable of accomplishing bigger and better things. Cell Phones are used to save time to be able to get in touch with people at almost any time and place.

Some things are better than the old but only some things. A lot of inventions have to do with a lot of unnecessary things such as upgrading computer systems that doesnÕt really need much of anything mostly for looks and unnecessary added programs.

Technology is created by thinkers inventors and even the average Joe, so to speak. What these people all have in common is that thought about something outside the realm of normal.  The problem Is that although the inventions created by these people arenÕt always met with applause or success. Leonardo Da vinci created inventions that were years and years ahead of their time and for this he was shunned. 

`Another thing these people have in common is that they all had a problem that needed a solution. Therefore the need for technology is created or appears when there is a problem that needs fixing or when people need things to be done quicker.

The fundamental problem with technology is that it isnÕt always readily available to all who want it or need it. the ones who always seem to acquire the newest in technological advances are the ones who can afford it.  so technology itself isnÕt the thing that is out of control but who can have it is.



Is technology out of control and about to control us


What technologies could we live well without? If we didnÕt have them, how good would life be ?

Clothes making machines without machines people with skills of making clothes and accessories would have the privilege of getting good money or more opportunities of more job offering.

Calculators without calculators people that made up math and developed it during the gears would be brought the years would be brought out and solved from the mind. We would have more knowledge to know if it was correctly done or not because we would use our brains instead of technology. T.V.Õs show more violence then the earth has alone without a tv showing violence and other things I think that violence would be less tha it is now. I choose these three topics because it all has something to do with knowledge of designing aria creation new materials and clothes for example jeans, knitted sweaters, and normal t-shirts. Calculators without that if with math would be difficult but it would have to be solved by the mind. As while t.v. instead of the history, or discovery channel most of it is violence, or sexual or abuse and for that to show to our siblings or young children they will go with those habits and without tv children would be more into school and their books. Life to me as  a teenager female would be distant.

Technology is important for humans. It makes life easy and it makes certain impossible things possible. Technology we would be unaware of all of the beauty around the world. We wouldn't be able to communicate or converse with many people that we do now we even need technology to further many students education in schools. We use technology so much in our everyday lives that it would be impossible to get rid us of technological innovations. It wouldn't be the right thing to do because we would just be taking one gigantic step back in advancements. We learn many new things with each technological invention that comes our way.

Humans lived there lives the same as we do, in the sense that we will always strive to make our lives easier and slower pace and we will invent things to help us do that no matter what, but while we may be doing this, we are also adjusted to our lives just like they were before we had inventions like the microwave, the cell phone, flash lights, or many others like these, they just had different inventions like a fire instead of a stove, or horses instead of cars. There lives were adjusted to these things like we are to the knew inventions.

I would say that people are more innocent and more miserable now that they were a long time ago because before inventions were made to better a persons life and make them more capable of doing more things where as now people make them to make us lazy and dependent on them.

All technology does not just create its self, obviously it is created by humans for humans, sometimes. Most of the time the technology helps make things easier, this is a hardware tool for every thing its ridiculous. Many of the tools are very useful, but some you could do with out. In that case the person who made the tool is the only person that makes out. The tool is not completely necessary, if anything it is just a waste of time! That doesn't only any for tool there are every day things that are not necessary. Things we could live without. I think in that case technology is kind of out of control, but not completely. People who make it make out the most cause they make every one believe that you must have it, then every one gives out and get it. That is when technology is out of control.

Technology has been apart of our lives for many yeas through years. Technology has grown very much. much of our technology on our busy lives. But if we let technology take over for us more and more people will become lazy. But if we let technology take over for us more and more people will become lazy and rely on the machines way to much. Technology can be a very important thing in the world but human have to remember that their human and like humans electronics can make mistakes.



Is Technology Out of Control and About to Control Us


Many technological things have become a necessity in everyday life. For example, electricity is one of the main necessities. Without it we wouldnÕt be able to have light, or be able to keep food cold in the refrigerator. Life would be very difficult without it. Humans will had hard times without technology, but people managed to survive without electricity and other stuff. People didnÕt depend on machines to build / assemble things for them. They had to do back breaking labor.

This thing called technology makes life simple and will continue to do so. Life would be hard if we have to produce the things we need by hand.  Machines help with this. Technology can make us better and worse at the same time. With technology getting better weapons and bombs are constantly improving. weapons and bombs can protect us but if other nations get a hold of this technology life can get bad.

It would be nearly impossible to rid ourselves of technology. If we tried then it could wreak havoc on the human population. In order to rid ourselves of technology then we would have to destroy every database and technological storage facility. If we were to rid ourselves of technology the we would be without many things. Things that are necessary for day to day living. Things such as respirators,blood sugar meter, and asthma inhalers. Without this technology people with severe health problems would spend the rest of their lives (however short they may be) in pain over the fact that some idiot decided to get rid of indispensable machines that can provide some comfort to the terminally ill.

Technology doesnÕt spontaneously create itself. People that excel in technology create and manufacture it. The people who invent new things do it to further advance our culture. The ones who get the most advantage out of it are the ones who need it either Need it for work or those who need it to survive. Most everyone benefits from all technological advances. Life saving technology isnÕt just reserved for the rich. Even the middle-class people benefit from all technological advances. Not just privileged people take advantage of new technological advances.

Technology has taken away human initiative by doing things that we canÕt or could have done;faster and easier. Which makes people lazier. We humans tend to avoid doing things that are too difficult and instead do things that are easier. We as humans should have tried to keep our initiative. In the end humans as a whole will just stop trying altogether.

Older people fear new technology because it is up to date. And for some it brings up complications. Much of this fear is caused by itÕs being too much work. Older generations are used to doing things the way that they grew up with. And this causes them to reject the idea of doing things the new way. Older people should not fear technological advances because if they donÕt like them they donÕt have to use them.

Younger people on the other hand embrace new technologies because unlike older people they enjoy using new technology. Young people with older parents sometimes have to do things their parents ways. The ones with more advantages most often have the newest technology regardless of their parents wishes. Technology is most often used in the manner of which the user was brought up.            

New is not necessarily better than old. New just tends to be cool and have more appeal then the old. Something new also has more uses then something older. However, older things can and do have many uses.

We would live well without weapons of mass destruction. Take guns for example, people in the United States use them and other weapons to harm and destroy others. Without deadly and serious weapons the world would have a decrease in violence and death. That would cause more more peace within our country. Life without weapons would change international relations for the time being





Electricity has been depended on for many of our worldly needs. People use TVÕs, computers, lights, clocks, radios,

Typewriters and many others.

TVÕs are used for entertainment in the world today and provides different economic advantages, such as jobs. ThereÕs

Actors who are paid to provide entertainment for viewers all over the world. ThereÕs the news cast who provide weather for

people to be notified for whatÕs to come and worldly news so we can be up to date with society. When the television was not

heard of our even thought about people would usually have other types of entertainment, to go off of. Plays and puppet shows and for news they would have people write different assumptions on papers and sell them to get there profits, and news out to the people.

I feel as if technology has helped us, but when we did not have it we were not miserable. They did not have anything close to what we have and they did what they had to do to get the job done. When they did not make electricity yet, they got

along just fine by using the sun as there timeline, and for seeing things clearly. Yes technology makes there world better

and more efficient, but we were not miserable.

We need technology inventions in many different ways. Such as Stop lights, where it tells the cars when to stop and go at different intersections. Without the invention and just with the stop sign there would be horrible traffic and it would be very, very backed up.

Different computers are used now to communicate in many different ways. With phones, computers, fax, mail, television. Inventions like the vehicle, and all the different types all over the world. We need to Technology like that to make life easier, faster, and more efficient in the way we work different ways of life.

Technologies make us better humans because they help us with our work assignments, with travelling, travelling expenses. They help us get through life with easier task, and fast money makers. Technology helps people receive more jobs, with the new technologies in the world.

We could live well without the toaster; it is not really needed to have a toaster, because if you donÕt have one you can just use your oven, Which you use for many other different food products. Without a toaster life would be just fine. We wouldn't eat that much toast but we wouldn't be stressing over it that much either. Another technology we really don't need is a dishwasher. Dishwashers are really not needed, people have been washing with there hands for many years and for years to come. It doesn't make life much better, It's just there to let us wash dishes and do other things at the same time.

I feel as if computers have taken humans initiate, because it was meant for different reasons. Reasons like elections, and writing, but now computers have grown and has taken tolls in different ways. They have games and now they have computers for cars and different things. I don't think we fought for these technologies not to happen, because there different advancements that evolve from these technologies.

Older people fear technology because they think it's going to ruin the younger youth today, because of al the new add ons to all the new and different technologies. The internet with the porn and adult sites, the connection through MySpace and all the different things.

People are afraid to connect face to face so they hide behind technology. Older people should be afraid; I agree with the older people, technology is taking over the youth.

Younger people embrace the fact that we have things that help us out in different ways. Yes it makes younger people lazier; I think thatÕs why we adapt to new technology. Even though some technologies may not be good I feel it's good especially the way the world is changing.

New is not always better then old. Be that it may look better, and may have better features. Older cameras are some times better for real good looking photos. Technology sometimes will develop new things like add ons to the old, but most of the time they really don't need the new things and it does the same exact things as the old. They add things on there, that most of the time youÕre not even going to use.

No! I don't think it is possible to rid our selves from technology innovations. I don't think we should. I feel we should cut back on our usage of different technologies. When most of the times we really don't even need to use them. Even though some people use technology way to much. I donÕt think we should stop the innovations.

We create technology, and we do it so we can find new reasons for technologies, and open doors for new technology. That in the future we just might truly need. Everyone receives different advantages from technology, advances depending on the jobs we do. So far the people who create the technology get the most out of it.