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Current Global Warming Articles:

Say Goodbye to Your Pretty Lawn Thanks to global warming, dandelions will grow “taller, lusher, and more resilient.” By 2100, the weed will produce 32 percent more seeds and longer hairs, which allow them to spread further in the wind.

Say Hello to More Mosquitoes

Get ready for more mosquitoes. Mosquitoes like to live in drains and sewer puddles. During long dry spells (brought on by higher temperatures) these nasty, stagnant pools become a vital source of water for thirsty birds ... which provide a tasty feast for the resident mosquitoes. At the same time, these dry spells “reduce the populations of dragonflies, lacewings, and frogs that eat the mosquitoes.”

Say Hello to Poison Ivy You’re gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion. Increased CO2 levels cause poison ivy and other weeds to grow “taller, lusher, and more resilient.”

The Present With Global Warming:

To most, there is definately global warming happening right now. In fact, its worse now than it has ever been. in 2005, only two and a half years ago, global warming was at its worst. This year was the hottest that the Earth has experienced yet. Right now our society is at an all time low. We are wasting more energy than we ever have before. We are also creating more pollution than we ever have before. Although some people have made some minor damages, the Earth is still in terrible shape. If we want to see some changes, everyone has to change, not just a few of us. The Earth is in its worst shape yet. we are only making it worse by not trying to help the Earth out a little. The main cause is the fact that huge factories are putting pollution into the air. As well as millions of people driving cars. People are even losing their lives to Global Warming. Mostly because of the natural disasters it promotes, such as increasing storms and floods, killer heat waves, and severe diseases caused by climate change. Due to the effects of global warming, death rates are up to 154,000 people a year. Even with all of these people dying, most people aren’t even phased. They just continue living their everyday lives, continuing to not recycle and drive polluting cars when they could just as easily walk to where they need to go. even if everyone did help out the global warming situation, it would still take time to take effect. So, lets change now. No beter time than the present!

May 19, 2008


The Future With Global Warming

Scientists at the World Health Organization have done studies, and have deteminned that 154,000 people die every year from the effects of global waming. These deaths are caused by diseases from Malaria to Malnutrition. By the year 2020 these numbers of deaths could almost double. The most importan public health problem related to climate change will bethe spread of infectious diseases. Small shifs in temperatures could extemd the range of mosquitos that carry maleria. By Climate change scientists determine that one million species are threatenned wih extinction. 15-37% of all speies could be extinct between now and the year 2050. Some species affected would be birds such as the Sooty Shearwater, which at one time numbeed 5 million and now numbers about 450,000. The Emporer penguins, Norh-Central United States Ducks, and the Scottish Cossbill found only in Scotland. Animals that would be affected are grizzly bears, polar bears, alligators, and turtles t name a few.Polar bears need sea ice to be able to hunt for food, and loss of this is making it hard for these animals to keep their population. Turtles can be threatenned by climate change because sex ratios are temperature dependant and increased wamth could lead to all female population. Global waming also affects food producion, with rising temperatures agricultural productivity will decrease in the tropics and sub-tropics. There will be more water shortages and more droughts. There are over one billion people on planet Earth that do not have regular access to fresh water and about twice that number do not have adequate sanitation, and already water related diseases are responsible for 80% of illnesses.

Should We Prepare for Global warming?


The United States is aready in debt about 9 trillion dollars, should we really be spending money on something like global warming?It hasn’t even been fully proven that it exists, and preparing for it requires time, money, and lifestyle changes that the American people can’t and won’t provide. If we throw our money at every hint of a problem, we’re not going to have enough money for our real problems. Homelessness, crime, poor education, and the national debt are actual proven problems that we can clearly see happening, and any one of those poblems would profit from the funding we put towards preparing for global warming. Yes, we do have something of an obligation to take care of our planet, but but we have to recognize that there are other, bigger problems right now than global warming. If global warming does exist, it will just have to wait in line behind the rest of our problems.


What’s wrong with preparing for global warming? It’s a problem that has science behind it that could possible end up destroying us. Even if not all of the required data is there or can be seen doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist and should be ignored. Theres a sayimg for this; It’s better to be safe than sorry. If we prepare for it now, we will be ready for it when it comes. If it doesn’t, we can put that money towards our other problems. It’s not like we hae to choose between fixinmg global warming and fixing our other problems, and money can just as easily be taken from other unimportant problems. But if it is real, then we can protect the fture of humanity. It’s not too late yet, we can still change things for he better. And on top of helping the enviroment, we can be helping ourselves out as well. For example, if we stop relying on fossil fuels that cost almost 5$ a gallon, we can switch to thins like vegetable oil which cost about 79 cents a gallon.