Who’s to truly say what’s happening with our planet. Many people have different ideas on what’s really going on, but who’s right. Many scientists believe that humans are the one's to blame for all of these problems, but then you read some books from other scientists and they believe that the earth is just changing from natural causes. So who do we believe? The only thing we can do is taking into consideration what there facts are and we just have to choose a side.

We don’t believe that the Earth is warming up. They have research to prove that in some parts of the world it’s actually getting colder. In some parts of the world there’s more ice then there ever been. When scientists talk about the Earth they always seem to never include “The Southern Hemisphere.” This is where the earth is getting colder and colder every year. So how come no one never mention it? It makes them seem like there only telling half the truth, so they just leave this part out. Another thing they fail to mention is about all the ice that supposed to have melted is now back. Not only is the ice back but snow fall is back and stronger than it's been since 1966. They just want to make it seem like the world is getting hot and there’s nothing we can do about it. They say that the world is getting hotter, but as people know season do change. With different seasons comes different weather. A graph in the book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming” shows a picture of the weather of all the seasons from 1935 to 2005, and they all was about the same. For example, summer for the last 70 years didn’t have much of a difference. So how is it that some scientists telling us that our planet is getting much hotter, but the charts are looking about the same? There just going off of things that they think to be true. For example in the movie with Al Gore, he shows a chart that is no where near to be true. SO why would people believe him? Many people just think since he was our president then he should be right. Scientist really doesn't know what's going to happen, there just guessing on this.

Another reason people are telling us about our planet is warming up because their making a fortune off of us. Environmental groups make money off of us because they tell us their proving public education. This makes it so that the tax payers are funding these corporations. Some big businesses are making money off of us too, because when they use different sources of energy they get paid to make the world "Earth Friendly." Environmental groups talks about other sources of energy, but these other sources of energy are very expensive. This is another way there making money off of us. A portion of this money goes to them for providing information to the public about this service. They tell the public lies to make people try to use this other source of energy. It really doesn't matter that they have these other source because many people wouldn't try and do them anyways. Some people would say that’s it's going out your way to try to do this because nobody truly knows what's going to happen in the future with the whole global warming situation.

Human haven't caused the problems that have been going on with global warming. In the book "The Ages of Gaia," talks about the theory that James Lovelock had. He says that the Earth is warming because of the disequilibrium of the physical, chemical, and biological processes between the rocks, air, ocean, and living organisms. Some how these process and forces of nature have become interrupted and out-of-harmony with each other. We can control what's going on with Mother Nature, so how can we really cause this. Another thing that the Earth is doing is decaying and nobody can stop that.

            The real thing that may be causing global warming is all of this technology that we had. We have resources that are contributed to this problem. There are too many sources that are making it easy on us, so we just became lazy. You can't just blame it on the average person because they didn't invent all of these things that are provided with. Many things have been invented before our time, so how can you just blame it on this century. For example, the light bulb is a source of energy that was made in 1877, so if this technology was made that long ago imagine how much stuff has been invented. We shouldn't have to take responsibility for things that came before us.
            If global warming is a major problems then I don’t think that it could be fully reversed, they might be able to slow it down greatly. We would have to start changing a lot of things that we do now. We have to try to limit the carbon dioxide and green gases. If we all worked together at a moderate rate it could have an amazing effect. If we were to cut down on power plants that burn a lot of coal we would probably be able to bring down this cause. It would help if we used steam plants instead. This would help a lot with cleaner air. If we do get rid of power plants and use steam plants we could also stop putting different types of chemical in our streams and in our rivers, from where we get our drinking water from. If we were to make these changes our planet would be much better and cleaner.

            There are different ways that we would be able to slow down global warming. If we started to use hot air balloons then we would be able to stop some of the carbon dioxide that is in the air. We would be able to use source of wind and solar power as regular energy. This would be much more expense but it would be worth it in the long run. We would have to all start using hybrid cars or solar power cars. This would help out a lot because of all the fumes of the oils and gases in your car. We could cut down by not driving so much. We could start using bikes, buses or if you work far enough you could car pull. If we were to cut down on driving so much, we would be cutting down 50 percent of the air pollution that we have already. We would also could stop using so many things that are non-recyclable. We would have to recycle everything that we want to get rid of. If you recycle paper than we wouldn't have to cut down so many trees that we have. We also could stop using so much electrify by cutting off televisions, computers and lights. Another thing that we would be able to do is paint your house a light color if you live in a hotter and darker color if you live in a colder place. The reason why is because the sun is less likely to attract brighter colors. Some cities that are building new homes have started to use different type of energy sources.

            If we wanted to be serious about changing our ways to avoid this, all we would have to do is have the government step in and help. This would take a lot more of our freedom, but it would be worth it if the Earth as a whole was better. This would probably help us with some of the disease that we have around today. Since the environment would be so clean and clear, it might just cause some of the disease to disappear. They would be able to monitor our uses of energy and gas, and cut us off if we used too much. They would be able to band certain types of cars that would add to much air population. If they were to keep driving their cars to much then it should be either taken away from them or have to pay a major fine for the air population.

So why is it that people speak on global warming, and who or what causes it? Many of the people who speak on global warming are environmental groups that have some soft of connection like they either getting paid or there just "Earth crazy." They never want to mention how some places are freezing cold and doesn't seem like there going to change. Another thing we know is that Mother Nature is to blame for many of the problems that the Earth has because of its disequilibrium and shift of the gravel. No where have they found proof that this is going to happen. They don't even have no type of real evidence that this is happen. So who's telling the truth?