Global Warming


Global warming is not a new theory or concept. In fact the idea has been thought and discussed for quite some time. Global warming is known as the theory that the planet Earth is going through two drastic changes; warming of the earth, and aiding the process, a degrading atmosphere. With the collaboration of our group we have discussed reasons and theoryÕs of why this is happening. The influence of our books has helped answer these questions efficiently and with knowledge we failed to inquire before. With the discussion of global warming there are many questions that arise. The most common asked questions are, is the Earth truly warming, is mankind the cause of global warming , and the final question is can if the cycle can be reversed, what can we do to reverse it? Can this global warming be nothing but a world wide scam?
The earth is warming if. If we look at all the signs it is warming. Some of the signs are obvious, we litter, pollute, the air, and with out these factors global warming would only be a natural process. These factors cause the process to be sped up at an unhealthy rate. In the book Earth the Sequel author Fred Krupp talks about the planet is becoming warmer. He states that the worldÕs solar energy generating capacity has increased by 44 percent since 2005. He also talks about how he believes life on this planet would be better if we went back to using coal. With the planet warming the cropland is losing topsoil through erosion faster than new soil is being produced. Roughly one million acres of land is enough to feed nine million people if it was all cropland. EarthÕs temperature rises, affecting all life on Earth. It brings more intense heat waves, more destructive storms, ice melting, and rising seas. Also, the warming of temperatures causes the growth for hydroelectric power faster which leads to the cause of empty rivers and dams. In 1995, 700 people in Chicago, Illinois died in a heat wave. In the book The revenge of Gaia there arises a new theory of the Earth being a natural living organism, in which regulates itself to remain healthy. The Earth will do anything to remain balanced, if humans remain so destructive we will be removed from "Gaia". The Earth goes through natural processes of warming and cooling. The ages of Gaia continues his belief that the earth is warming as a way of "punishment", (because of the way we treat the Earth). The author suggest that the Earth my get rid of us so that a new civilization may arise. Never the less we must change the way we live or the Earth will make us change. Humans are destroying pieces of Earth regulatory system; it is getting harder for the earth to cool. Is the Earth warming? Yes.

Humans arenÕt the major cause of global warming. On the other hand they are a good portion as to why the globe is warming nationally. Humans do help global warming. As a group we have decided we do aid in global warming but it is just a natural process. our books help us understand how people take advantage of our Earth. Our views have changed, because of our books suggestions. The population of people is being doubled. The more people produced the more stuff we have to make the more machines get used. When machines are used they create unhealthy air which is also known as pollution. With the pollution growing stronger it creates the use for supplies that provide healthy oxygen. The more we need to survive is also a way of killing us off little by little. For example when we cut down trees to make paper, furniture, houses, pencils, etc. it is harming us by taking away our oxygen provider, the trees. Another example would be the cars; 12 million cars are made each year, consuming new roads, parking lots, and highways. We need roads to drive them on. Roads cause people to have to give up their land and crops to create and build new businesses and roads. These actions are responsible for much of the destruction of Earths natural occurrences. Farmers, and agriculture enthusiasts are being pushed aside and their crops are being killed. In spite of this destruction these lands could be used for harvest, or gathering food. The Gaia theory states that the feeding of our population is such a vast destruction of the regulatory system, a major factor in the warming process. If we continue to take away from the Earths regulitory system it will no longer be able to regulate itself. If this happens we will be "kicked" off of the Earth, by Earth herself. Some people donÕt think before the act. People do these things with no thought process of what the consequences might be. They will pollute and litter, and not feel any form of guilt. Our actions are harming the earth and we must stop now to prevent total destruction.

There is a great possibility that the warming trend can be slowed. It is impossible to reverse something that has already happened. Such a task would only be achiveable if it wasnÕt done in the first place. We have done damage to the Earth, so a reversle is out of the question. We would need a time machine in order to be able to reverse the process.The warming process can be slowed down if we get rid of the things that we take for granted and are not a necessity. They really arenÕt a necessity to us, but they are called "wants" for a reason. The basic needs to survive are food, shelter, water, clothes, and for purposes of human growth a wide expansion of an education. People all over the world are making things that arenÕt a necessity in life. Since the planet warming people are having a very hard time with harvesting and growing crops. The reason we are having such a hard time growing and harvesting the crops is because there is hardly anymore "new soil". That has been a problem since the "Dust Bowl" blew all the new soil away and many people had to move somewhere else to supply food. Natural disasters are a part of Mother Nature. Humans canÕt control the weather. The natural disasters lead to problems with many things that happen to the warming or cooling of our planet. People all over the world litter, if we showed them how bad littering is and what its doing to our world then maybe everyone can make a difference. Recycling is one way we stop polluting or littering we turn in the old bottles or cans and they get reused some other way. The planetÕs warming can be reversed into cooling. This is a proven fact because the planet cooling is where we get our "ice ages" from. When it begins to heat is when we start having natural global warming. Such a process of a world cooling would take more than an overnight miracle. The world cooling process would take the worlds participation. The main factors of Global warming would have to be fully identified in order to begin the process of the cooling the Earth. Natural causes are the main factor in global warming. With that in mind global warming can not be stopped. A reverse in global warming is possible through a lifetime of commitment to save the earth.

The global warming hype is a much debated problem. The warming process may not be a scam for a series of reasons. Regardless, people should be concerned about their society and environment at all times. No one wants to live in a filthy place, with pollution in the air, no food, over populated Earth; these factors do not create a healthy environment. We should come together and try to do something about this problem before it is too late. Politicians and other leaders in the world do sometimes take the global warming out of context. Al Gore believes that we are one hundred percent completely responsible for this warming period. It could be hyped up to be something it is not. if it is politically incorrect than our society and culture will choose not to belive it. Just becase or news paper articles, tv shows, brodcast, and radios all say global warming is true everybody beleives it. only select people decide to take the courage and liberty to go out and find out for them-selfs. If any of these "underground" scientist or enthusist try to publis work or even speak upon it, there is no publicity. Publicity is all about global warming, because it is polliticly corret. our society is so blinded from the truth because of the media and the way we beleive everything we hear. It is obviously warming but once again as a natural process. If we could change our ways a bit, than we will keep this warming under control and a natural process.