Poster Project

Over the last several years this project has yielded annually better and better work from the senior class. Unfortunately for me, since I won't be teaching British Literature again (the class has been relegated to the junior year and I am currently assigned to seniors) these efforts are probably the last examples of what students can do with a little computer savvy and some interesting ideas.

Note that these efforts generally have been poorly proofed, in spite of my insistence. "It's all ok; we checked it," is the usual rejoinder to my question of proofing. For the most part little proofing occurs in high school. They all think they are perfect. So be prepared to see grammatical errors, misspellings, and mis-information. I have never been overly concerned with the graphical composition of the efforts because that characteristic is not something English classes deal with. Some students have an innate sense, but others haven't a clue.

If you have been to the final project assignment page (found under British Lit -- Cost of Literacy), you know what I am looking for and what gets points. The purpose of the project is to see if students have listened throughout the year and been able to re-create images and statements that will support one of the three themes offered or the comparison from the past to today's culture.

No names or grades are connected with any posters; in fact I may not have them corrected by the time I post them. This presentation is not offered as anything but a chance to see what my classes have done and for some students to see their work on line.